Histotechnology: Special Stains


HIML251 – The DST Project (2009)

Ziehl Neelsen


Staining methodology Classification Purpose of Stain Principle of the Technique Mechanism of staining Control Tissue(s)
Ziehl Neelsen Microorganism stain Demonstration of acid fast bacilli such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis Acid-fastness Ionic bonding Appendix, tissue known to contain microorganisms


Proper Staining:


Acid fast bacilli: red

Cytoplasm: pale blue

Nuclei: blue

RBCs: pale pink

Section of liver stained with Ziehl Neelsen


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Welcome to the HIML251 DST 2009 Project website. This is a collaborative collection of the various special stains performed in histotechnology. Its main focus is on the different impacts of the correct and incorrect usages of the major reagents involved in each staining process. Please feel free to browse around using the navigation bars above and to the left. Enjoy.

Course: HIML251

Team Members

Raymond Kung
Nancy Ren
Joanna Sin
Yun (Sandy) Xie
Jian (Alan) Zhou
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